A Paragon of Value-Added Service

*ring ring*
Paul: Nerd Store, this is Paul!
Lady: I have PS3 but I lost the cord that goes to the TV.
Paul: We can help with that!
Lady: Good! What do I need?
Paul: Do you have one of the newer flat-screen TVs, or an older tube TV?
Lady: It’s an older TV. The big kind.
Paul: OK, great. We’ve got several types of cables that will work for you, and they’re all under $10.
Lady: No, I’m at Fred’s. Do you think they have them?
Paul: I… I don’t know.
Lady: Well, if they had them, do you know where they’d be?
Paul: Ma’am, I can’t help you shop at Fred’s. We have the cable if you’d like to buy it here.
Lady: But I’m already at Fred’s, I should just get it here.
Paul: That’s fine, but you need to find a Fred’s employee.
Lady: Well, you’re not very helpful! *click*

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  1. Wow. That was definitely worth leaving your URL in Google Reader for the last several years without seeing any updates! I always need a good story like that on a Monday morning.

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