My Time, Your Time

*ring ring*
Paul: Nerd Store, this is Paul!
Guy: Hey, do y’all, uh refurbish controllers?
Paul: You mean clean them, or repair them?
Guy: Repair them. My 360 controller is busted.
Paul: No sir, but we do sell working ones for $27, so you could just replace it!
Guy: (very exasperated) Why does NOBODY fix these things?
Paul: Well, the parts that frequently break will cost between $5 and $20, plus our time to fix it, plus profit… it just doesn’t make sense to do that, when we can sell you a perfectly good one for a lot less.
Guy: Just seems like a waste, is all. You guys should fix them, it’s the right thing to do.
Paul: Well, you could order the part you need online for cheap and fix it yourself if you don’t want to throw it away.
Guy: No way, man. I get paid $16 an hour. That’s not worth my time to do.
Paul: Hope to see you soon, sir.
Guy: Thanks man. See ya. *click*