Famous Last Words

Oh yeah. I used to be a salesman. It’s a tough racket.

I sold my store in December 2019. I inflicted a many-pages-long post on some of my retailer friends about the why and the how, but the short version is that I’d solved all of what I found to be the interesting problems, but that left some boring, frustrating problems that would always be a part of that particular kind of business. I found a buyer who is willing to work on those problems in exchange for an obscenely profitable buy-a-job. He’s a smart guy. I hope he doesn’t mess it up.

I’m still young enough to start a fresh career. Thanks to the profitability of the store, my dirt-cheap standard of living, and the lump sum I received on sale of the debt-free business, I have time to look for interesting work, or maybe boring work in interesting places. I’ve got a broad range of competencies across management, finance, and technology. I’m looking for something with “analyst” in the title but for the right company in the right location I’d happily start with “technician.” If you think I might be a good fit for your company, I can be found in the usual place. My wife and I are exceptionally mobile. We can relocate without assistance, and for the right opportunity I can start anywhere in the country with seven days of notice.

There are few posts rolling around in my head, still. I’d like to get them published here, but I refuse to be one of those guys who perpetually apologizes for a lack of activity. I hope you’ll forgive me if posts pop up out of nowhere with no context or overarching theme. I’ll work on them if and when I feel the urge.

In the mean time, I hope you’re making good decisions, and I challenge you to take care of something at your business that you’ve been putting off this week.